Wednesday morning
no light in my cell
I hear them coming
well before the death bell
My sleep was lucid
flashes of the past
My last breath, all night I gasped
I want to know who sits in judgment
I never thought this day would come
You know, the devil does gods bidding
Why did things have to go so wrong?
I notice a cockroach on the ground
Its shiny armor makes me cry
Weren’t we as tough and resilient?
as the bombs dropped from the sky?
Now this bug will outlive me
unless I crush it with my foot
Killing is what I did the best
I must slam shut the book
At the time they weren't crimes
we thought we would prevail
Who would miss 3 million Jews?
or one day be locked up in jail?
Who would not be celebrating?
if the war was won?
Would we Nazi’s have to pay
for the deeds we'd done?
The thought had never crossed my mind
We were having a little fun
So what a teenage girl is raped
with the barrel of my gun?
Joking with the commandants
became second hand
What are crimes against some Jews?
Fulfillment of gods plan
The smell of the burning flesh
would sometimes make me smile
Looking at those boney faces
filled me with a guile
Everything was operational
running like a clock
But now that clock is ticking down
the hours of my life
I know in the grand scheme of things
there is a reason for what I’ve done
You know the devil does gods bidding
and I’m not the only one
I am waiting for the men
to come and wake me for one last time
Let someone else do gods bidding
so I can take a break for a while.